I’ve had a real passion for working with my hands and getting creative for as long as I can
remember, so when my neighbor invited me to take a bow building class, I didn’t have to
think twice. When I got there I didn’t really know what to expect, but from the moment we
started I was hooked and have been ever since.
Not knowing what I was doing I chose to start creating an Osage recurve bow — it was a
decision that would shape the rest of my life. 


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Michel Bombardier

Master Bowyer

Archery Instructor


George Laurence

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Paul, Jerremie, and Family

I had a GREAT time. I was provided tools, an extremely knowledgeable teacher, and all the materials necessary to create a Bow that not only can I actually shoot, it looks beautiful and will be considered an Heirloom item. My children made bows a couple of weeks ago, and now the entire family has bows. I hope you continue to offer these classes, they are fun, and you have a beautiful functional bow at the end.


Thank you very much!



Kyle Johnson

Whenever we messed something up or misunderstood, he was VERY patient and understanding and took the time necessary to make sure we understood, or he would show us or do it for us if we weren’t up to the task, without making anyone feel bad or dumb. He is VERY confident, VERY knowledgeable, and it showed with everything he did. I loved the setting, the random dogs, and that a student was allowed to bring their dogs.5/5, would go again. I’ve been bragging about this to everyone at work and telling everyone to go and take their kids with them.


Lynne VB

My Little One Loved it! It was a memorable experience with his dad and he'll be able to use his bow as he continues with scouting. The bow they made is of great quality all the way down to the arrows. I love how they b built the arrows to include the fletching. Definitely an experience and priced accordingly!

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