Kaiserslautern's best fun DIY event?

Looking for a unique activity to do in Kaiserslautern? Look no further than build your own bow workshop! This is a monthly event that is open to anyone in the Kaiserslautern and Ramstein area. We will provide all of the materials/instruction necessary, and you will be able to create your very own bow. This is a great opportunity to learn about traditional archery, and have a lot of fun while doing it! This is a great experience for anyone who loves archery or DIY projects. If you are interested in attending, please go to our website at KMC Archery.

What is it like to build your own bow?

Building your own bow is a lot of fun, but it can be challenging. You will be using hand tools like sandpaper, metal files, and spokeshaves to create the perfect bow. It is important that you follow instructions closely if you want to have a successful build!

To explain what building your own bow is like, let's start with a little more detail about the process:

- First, you cut the wood for your bow. You can choose from different types of wood like oak, bamboo, or hickory. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages!

- Second, sand down any rough edges on your bow limb (this is a step that most people forget! Then we tiller the bow to make sure it's balanced on both sides.

- Thirdly build and tie our flemish twist string to both ends of the bow.

- Next, we'll finish up by staining and waxing our bow with whatever color you like best! This is an important step because it protects your work from water damage and makes it look nice too. Just make sure not to get any stain on yourself while doing this part of the process or else it'll be harder later when trying out different designs - I know firsthand how much fun experimenting can be!

- Finally, we build our arrows then go outside and all get shooting lessons from the instructor to learn how to shoot your bow!

- The last step is to take your bow home and start practicing!

The best part about building your own bow is that you get to keep it forever, which means all of those memories from when you first shot an arrow will never be forgotten. If you want to sign up for a class go to our website at KMC Archery.

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